East Kazakhstan region summed up the results of charitable activities “Zhurekten Zhurekke” and “Meyirim”

East Kazakhstan summed up the results of charitable activities “Zhurekten Zhurekke” and “Meyirіm”, that was attended by patrons and the most active participants. In conclusion of the event, the head of the region Danial Akhmetov presented letters of thanks to the sponsors. Let’s note that the significance of the event is marked by representatives of other regions of the Republic and foreign experts.

The Meyirim charitable activity has been conducted for the seventh year and aims at improving the quality of children’s life with their social and legal guarantees, primarily through the purchase of their own housing.

The key point of the charitable activity is that children are attached to  a foster  organization, which further helps to accumulate the necessary resources for housing, enter educational institutions, and find a job. Among which are state organizations and private enterprises. In general, during the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, 2,000 children were attached to 1,800 enterprises. About KZT300 million was transferred to their accounts and 729 orphans received apartments. Let’s note that the event “Meyrіm” is among the 17 best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan.

Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov instructed to increase funding so that children could get housing more quickly.

Another unique activity is “Zhurekten Zhurekke”. It is on the site, where children from low-income families, orphans post their desires. Any person can make their wishes come true. They dream not about iPhones of the latest brand and not about cool toys, but about ordinary things. For example: school supplies, books, sports equipment. In just 4 years, more than 8,400 desires came true.

- These charitable activities aim at making our children happy. The charitable events “Zhurekten Zhurekke” and “Meyirіm” are unique in that they make the desires and dreams of children come true. Their peculiarity is that businessmen and simply any resident of the region render assistance to orphans and children left without parental care, Danial Akhmetov said.

In the conclusion, Akim of the region presented letters of thanks and flowers to all active participants of the event. The head of the region presented a TV to one girl of the children’s home who has recently received housing.


Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan region