Dear East Kazakhstani!

Dear veterans!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Great Victory Day!

Every year we become increasingly aware of the immortal feat of our fathers and grandfathers, who throughout all 1418 days and nights brought us closer to the victorious May of 1945.

About 180,000 people went to the front from the cities and districts of our region. 109 East Kazakhstan people were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

The great power of unity was reflected not only in the battlefield, but also in the rear areas where workers on the home front also made the heroic deed in the name of the Victory. Our region contributed greatly to the overall cause by accepting dozens of evacuated plants. Our compatriots worked diligently in the rear areas to provide soldiers with ammunition, food, equipment, and uniforms.

We keep in our hearts the memory of the fighters’ courage, their fidelity to duty and love of the Fatherland. Let us forever cherish the Memory and Glory of those who defended the Homeland and worked in the rear areas. We bow to veterans, for your deed, heroism and tenacity, for the peaceful skies and happy life of generations of your descendants.


Danial Akhmetov,

Akim of East Kazakhstan region