Dear East Kazakhstani!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Fatherland Defender’s Day!

This holiday personifies the glory and heroism of the Armed Forces, the deeds of honored veterans, the inextricable link between generations of soldiers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our compatriots are serving in the army with such dignity. Since gaining independence, they are part of the noble mission to protect peace and prosperity in our country, the inviolability of its borders, the possibility of creative labour for all Kazakhstan people. There is no important and greater task than that. Their strength of mind, courage, unity and fidelity to their duty is an example of true courage and patriotism.

I wish all defenders of the Fatherland to prove their devotion to the native land only in a peaceful field. I wish you health, tenacity and new professional heights, happiness and family warmth!



Danial Akhmetov,

Akim of the East Kazakhstan region