Dear East Kazakhstani people! 

I congratulate you on Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day!

This public holiday is a bright symbol of peace and creation in our society. Owing to the people’s unity under the leadership of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, our Republic has achieved major successes in building of independent statehood, gaining strong identity and being recognized throughout the world.

The true wealth and prosperity of our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan, is based on consent and mutual respect. These key values outline the vision of our society and serve as a clear reference for the further country’s development.

There is no doubt that the scale modernization of the economy, social area and public consciousness will promote the further strengthening of people’s friendship. I’m confident that residents of our multinational region are important contributors to the implementation of these major objectives.

On this festive May Day I wish all of you sound health, happiness and well-being.

Peace, prosperity to every family!



Akim of East Kazakhstan region