New Akim of Zharma district of East Kazakhstan region appointed. 

Akhmetkali Akhashevich Nurgozhin, who earlier was Akim of Katon-Karagai district is appointed Akim of Zharma district of East Kazakhstan region.

 Akhmetkali Nurgozhin was born on May 25, 1966 in Shchedrukh cordon of Beskaragai district. He has 2 higher educations: in 1991 graduated from the Kazakh Order of the Labor Red Banner Agricultural Institute and in 2005 - the Central Asian University, majoring in Agronomist scientist and Law.

Started his career in 1983. For six years worked as a chief agronomist of Beskaragai district. Then headed Darizhan farm in Novo-Nikolayevka village. In 2005-2007, headed Construction, Public Utilities, Passenger Transport and Highways Department. In different years, held the posts of deputy akims of Beskaragai, Borodulikha districts. After that, throughout a year he worked as a deputy head of East Kazakhstan Regional Agriculture Administration. From January 2016 he was Akim of Katon-Karagai district.


 Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan region