Health-improving facilities for children to construct in East Kazakhstan region

Health-improving facilities for children will be constructed in East Kazakhstan that was announced today by the head of the region Danial Akhmetov during the session of East Kazakhstan regional akimat. Recreational centres will be built in Urjar district on the coast of the Alakol Lake and in Altai district on the coast of Bukhtarma Reservoir.

There will be fine recreational centres for children. Especially it relates to the Alakol Lake where children with cerebral palsy and skin diseases can improve their health. I instruct to inform at the next session about the progress of implementing this issue. I ask to fully fund this project and approve the budget at the session of maslikhat. Party members according to the party program will provide the control over the implementation of this project and representatives of needy and large families should be included as well. These facilities should be function in the middle of this year, - Danial Akhmetov said.

Akim of the region instructed Education Administration jointly with Healthcare Administration to study the issue. In Urjar district on the Alakol Lake to create a good facility for rest and health-improving of sick children, on Bukhtarma Reservoir - a recreational centre for children. Let’s note that these facilities were transferred from the balance of the Department of Internal Affairs last year.

The head of the region entrusted Economy Administration and Finance Administration with the task of allocating necessary funds to repair them.

Press-service of Akim of East Kazakhstan region