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 Tourist potential of East Kazakhstan region

One of key tasks of the Tourism Development Concept of Kazakhstan till 2023 is the formation of the tourist cluster «Pearl of Altai» that includes northern and eastern parts of East Kazakhstan region.

Necessary measures are taken on behalf of the regional akim, relying on the priorities affecting the achievement of the set task.

On behalf of the regional akim, within the framework of development of the beach tourism, works on improvement of the cost of the Alakol Lake and bringing facilities into compliance with safety standards have been performed last year to the sum of KZT500,580,000. The park has been constructed at the coast; Arbat, the central beach zone, the bus station and parking lot have been improved; 4,4 km of roads along the coast, 4 police stations and 1 medical aid station have been repaired and lightened, 80 video cameras are installed.

In 2018, it is planned to allocate KZT817 million from the regional budget for accomplishment of the coast of Alakol lake.

This year, due to the regional budget, it is planned to complete the repair of the roads: Zhalanashkol Station-Kabanbai settlement (Alakol Lake) to the sum of KZT1,3 billion. Also, the railway communication will be provided this tourist season to increase tourism in-flows to the coast of the Alakol Lake: «Ust-Kamenogorsk - Zhalanashkol Station », «Semey- Zhalanashkol town».

The work has been initiated on bringing roadside service facilities into compliance with the National standard. Tourism and External Relations Administration of East Kazakhstan region inspected them, following the audit the materials on each object were sent to akimats of cities and districts.

In this connection, Business Administration together with branches of KazAutoZhol, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs has developed the plan of the activities aimed at development of roadside service of the region. This work will be continued.

The region continues to implement the investment projects for construction of tourist facilities and organization of tourist services according to the developed Road map.

Considering the transport availability as one of primary factors for tourism inflows, for the last 2 years, the highways in the basic tourist directions have been repaired (to the sum of KZT4,3 billion to the lakes of Alakol, Sibiny, Markakol, Nurtau skiing resort, Altay Alps.

In 2017, the highways have been repaired to the total sum of KZT863,4 million:
Barlyk-Arasan- Alakol Lake  - KZT491,2 million (Alakol Lake); Ust-Kamenogorsk -Gornaya Ulbinka- Severnoe - KZT372,2 million (Altay Alps).

In order to support the potential investors, the Administration has developed the step-by-step algorithm of activities on implementing investment projects with explanation of the current legislation.

For the period of 2017-202, it is planned to implement 25 projects to the total amount of KZT7,2 billion, including 4 projects to the sum of KZT 242,8 million have already been implemented. It is worth noting that the following large tourist facilities are under construction; projects on construction of bases «Silk Way» on the coast of Korzhynkol Lake, Skiing Year-Round Complex in Ridder town.

As a whole, according to statistical data, in the region there are 495 locations with a capacity for 26,370 people a day or over 9 million people a year.

Besides, the Administration together with D.Serikbayev EKSTU carried out a research of physical and chemical properties of water and mud: 10 lakes and water sources (Lakes: Alakol, Markakol, Zaisan, Sibiny, Dubygalinskoe (Okunki), Shybyndykol and Rakhmon’s springs, Barlyk-Arasan Sanatorium, Konyr–Auliye Well, Svyatoi Klyuch Well) of the region in order to get the balneological conclusion, as well as to develop the medical and health-improving tourism.  

The first phase of the research works concerning medical and health-improving potential of the lakes of the region has been completed. According to the conclusion of Scientific-Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy of the Russian Federation, the waters of the Shoshkaly Lake on mineralization and basic ionic-salt structure have been categorized as balneological waters of external application. Waters of this type is of external use (in the form of baths) for treatment of diseases of nervous system, blood circulation system, respiratory organs and organs of digestion, endocrine and urogenital systems, skin.

Panto-treatment (antlers) contributes to the development of medical tourism too. In the region, there are 18 panto-medical centers, including 12 ones in Katon-Karagai district, 3 in Ziryan district and 1 in Kokpekty district and 1 in Ulan district, and 1 in Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

Besides, the opening of the Center of the Kazakh Medicine on the basis of Katon-Karagai interdistrict hospital could provide new momentum for the development of this sector. By the order of the regional akim, this very project is being studied together with the Chinese colleagues from the Altai district of SUAR of the People’s Republic of China within the framework of implementing the Road map of cooperation of East Kazakhstan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan and XUAR, the People’s Republic of China. For today, Healthcare Administration of the region is considering variants of the organizational form of the Center, in particularly, to open a department of the Regional Rehabilitation Center and to provide commercial medical services.

For today, Tourism and External Relations Administration of East Kazakhstan region within the framework of implementing the Rukhani Zhangyru Program is implementing the project « Pearl of East Kazakhstan».

Within the framework of this project, tour operators of the region have developed 23 tourist routs to sacral places of East Kazakhstan, with visiting cultural facilities, natural and historical sites. Tourist routes are developed for schoolchildren too. In September, 2017, the first groups of children-orphans and children from families with low income visited Zhidebai, Ablaikit and other sacral sites of Ulan and Abai districts. Work in this very direction continues, with expansion of the list of visited sites in other districts and growth in number of children.

The electronic book has been released for children «Legends and stories of East Kazakhstan» with 15 sacred sites of East Kazakhstan region (natural sities:1 The Irtysh River, 2. Kiin-Kirish Natural Boundary, 3. Markakol, 4. The Rakhman Lake, 5. Belukha mountain; spiritual sites: 6. Konyr-Auliye; 7. Svyatoi klyuch (Sacred Spring); 8. Yrgyzbai ata; historic sites: 9. Berel mounds; 10. Shilikty Necropolis, 11. Enlik-Kebek Mazar, 12. Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu, 13. Kushikbai, 14. Ablaikit, 15. Ak Baur). The book tells about sacred sites of the region, feats of heroes, ancient legends and the history of our ancestors.

The region has more than 600 monuments of history and archeology, such as Berel mounds or so called the Valley of Tsars, and also Shilikty burial mounds and Ablaikit fortress-monastery.

The scale archeological excavations, aimed to prove once again the status of Altai as the gold cradle of the civilization where cultures of many nations of the world take their rise, are underway on Berel Mounds of Katon-Karagai district, Shilikty Valley of Zaisan district, Ablaikit Fortress-Monastery of Ulan district, Kyrykungir Monuments of Abai district, Eleke Sazy of Tarbagatai district.

It is necessary to note that tourists are showing more and more interest in our region owing to these archeological excavations in five districts of the region (Berel Mounds in Katon-Karagai district, Shilikty Valley in Zaisan district, Ablaikit Fortress-Monastery in Ulan district, Kyrykungir Monuments in Abai district, Eleke Sazy in Tarbagatai district).

As a whole, KZT200 million is stipulated within the framework of the five-year program for carrying out of the archeological researches.

Information promotion is one of the important factors for the tourist sector.

A documentary was produced together with the companies «MIR», «DiscoveringKazakhstan», «Tengrinews», «Caravanistan», «ChocoTravel», «Aitomedia», «REC media» about the potential of East Kazakhstan region and broadcasted on domestic and foreign mass-media.

For the first time, the work on forming the tour packages of the region was systematized, the corresponding electronic base and the website «» is created to provide online-sales of 47 tour packages of 18 tour operators of the region, including 17 tour packages can be paid online. At the same time, there are tour packages on East Kazakhstan region for tourists from the People’s Republic of China.

Owing to the taken measures, there is the positive dynamics of growth in the basic indicators of the tourist sector of the region.

This year, the number of accommodations increased up to 495 with growth of 82 in comparison with the same period of 2016. The region is the leader in regard to this parameter in the Republic.

In view of the border location, the region has great potential for incoming tourism. The target audiences are considered frontier regions of the Russian Federation and SUAR, the People's Republic of China.

To increase the inflow of the Chinese tourists from the frontier regions of SUAR, the People's Republic of China, the frontier posts of «Bakhty», «Maikapchagai» use the accelerated screening process for the tourists. There are posters in the Chinese language with rules of stay of citizens from the People’s Republic of China in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The algorithm is developed for tourists from the People’s Republic of China, crossing the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan on motor transport (in the Chinese and Russian languages).

To increase the inflow of the Russian tourists, negotiations are underway with colleagues from the Republic of Altai on construction of the road to the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Ridder town.

The work in this direction will be continued.

List of international organizations with which Akimat of East Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan has diplomatic relations


Date of establishment of diplomatic relations with RK


Operating head (country)







Cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with CIS and European Union







CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

On December 8, 1991

Minsk (Belarus) (executive committee)

Russia - operating chairman


EU (European Union)

On February 2, 1993

Brussels (Belgium)

Spain - operating chairman

Kazakhstan and international organizations







UN (United Nations Organization)

On March 2, 1992

New York (USA)

Ban Ki-Moon (South Korea) - U.N. Secretary General


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)

February, 1992

New York (USA)

Anthony Lake (USA) - Director of Executive Council

Kazakhstan and integration processes







EurAsEc (Eurasian economic community) 

On October 10, 2000


Nursultan Nazarbayev Kazakhstan) - Chairman of Interstate Council


Customs Union

January, 2010





On September 19, 2003





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