Medical Centre SE “Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy”

Tuleutayev Mukhtar EsenzhanovichDirector - Tuleutayev Mukhtar Esenzhanovich

He was born on the 31st of January, 1958 in Aksuat village of Aksuatski rayon of Semipalatinsk region, Kazakh by nationality.
Native language - Kazakh, knows Russian fluently, English, German with the dictionary.
In 1975 finished secondary school in Aksuat village. In 1975-76 - a worker of state farm Aksuatsky. 1976-1977 - listener of preparatory branch of Semipalatinsk State medical institute. 1977 - 1983 - student of medical faculty SGMI.
1983-84 - doctor, intern-surgeon of 1st city hospitals of Semipalatinsk. 1984-85 - doctor, surgeon of Abaiski CRB. 1985-89 - doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist of Aksuatski CRB; 1989 - 91 - deputy head of physician on medical work Abaiski CRB; 1991-92 - deputy head of physician on medical work of children's regional clinical hospital (ODKB); 1992-97 - head physician, director of Regional children's clinical hospital; 1997-98 - head of department of public health of Semipalatinsk.
Since 1999 till present time - director of Clinical educational center of Semipalatinsk state medical academy - the East Kazakhstan regional Center of population rehabilitation.
Doctor of high category on organization of public health services and social hygiene. Candidate of medical sciences (2003).
Hobbies: Sports, hunting, reading of fiction.

Reception hours: Thursdays from 14-00 till 16-00
Phone: 53-15-20, 53-15-71.

Clinical educational center of Semipalatinsk state medical academy - the East Kazakhstan regional Center of population rehabilitation is large treatment-prophylactic,Medical Centre SE “Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy” scientific and pedagogical establishment of the region.
Regional Clinical Hospital was formed on May 30, 1951 by the decision of Semipalatinsk oblispolkom №463-17 on the basis of physio-institute, surgical and eye hospitals. The children's regional clinical hospital was created by the order N16 of the regional public health department on January 9, 1962.

Closing of Semipalatinsk nuclear range, merger of two regions has brought the correctives in the problem facing the medical establishments. There was an actual problem in treatment and rehabilitations of the population, including suffered from consequences of nuclear tests on range, preparations of the medical staff in new conditions. In view of above-stated problems, two regional hospitals were united in 1999 and transformed to the Clinical Educational Center of Semipalatinsk state medical academy with getting the status of the East Kazakhstan regional Center of population rehabilitation.

The Center includes the hospital on 530 beds including 320 adults and 210 child, the advisory polyclinic on 250 visitings in shift where highly skilled experts of the Center and the faculty of medical academy conduct receptions on 28 professions, training family ambulance station in which except for students also family doctors are trained. The clinic has more than 800 employees, 15 clinical branches, 12 medical-diagnostic divisions. Branches and divisions of hospital are equipped by modern highly effective medical-diagnostic equipment and gas, electrolytic, hematologic analyzers, modern X-ray diagnostic, ultrasonic equipments, endoscope, equipment of endo-video surgery. Since 1999 in clinic there is a cabinet of telemedicine works, satellite communication with university of Nagasaki city in Japan where some thousand analyses for early diagnostics of various diseases go annually. Since May, 2005 the computer tomograph started to function.

The center has extensive partner communications with clinics of the USA (Houston), Japan (Nagasaki), Germany, Russia together with which scientific researches and introductions of modern medical-diagnostic technologies are carried out.
The basic purpose and object of the Center is treatment and rehabilitation of patients, including suffered from consequences of nuclear range, development and primary introduction of new technics and methods of treatment, organization of training of medical workers of the region. And also the center is clinical base of Semipalatinsk state medical academy. 65 employees of medical academy, including 6 professors and 15 senior lecturers successfully combine pedagogical activity with medical.

Annually over 50 thousand inhabitants of the region address for medical aid in clinic, over 16 thousand patients receive the specialized help in stationary branches, including more than 4 thousand from the remote rural rayons. Since 2002 the clinic annually participates in the republican tender and receives a quota on rendering highly specialized assistance for 260-270 patients financed of the republican budget.
Introduction in practice of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment, medico-economic reports has allowed to use effectively bed network and considerably to reduce terms of stay of patients in the hospital.

Cardiorheumatologist department: Supervisor - professor Zhumadilov Z.K. head of department - doctor of medical sciences, senior lecturer Ospanova Sholpan Nigmatovna. Modern methods of diagnostics and treatment diffuse diseases of connective tissue (system red lupus, system scleroderma, dermatomyositis), pseudorheumatism, bony rarefication, arthropathy, rheumatic heart diseases, ischemic illness of heart are used in the clinic. The basic directions of scientific researches are problems of rheumatism.

Gastroenterology department: Supervisor - professor Zhumadilov Z.K., head of department - candidate of medical sciences Kulmagambetov Amangali Orazovich. He conducts in the department inspection and treatment of patients with pathology of gastroenteric path, modern ways of treatment of stomach ulcer and duodenal gut, associated HELICOBACTER PILORI are introduced. Scientific directions: development of diagnostics and treatment nonspecific ulcer colitis and questions hepatology.

Medical Centre SE “Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy” Department of surgery and vessels: Scientific head-professor Rakhmetov Nurlan Rakhmetovich, head of department, candidate of medical sciences cardiovascular surgeon Sagandykov Erlan Nigmetzhanovich. In department it is conducted reconstructive operations on aorta and main arteries of all levels, at chronic venous insufficiency. The exit brigade on rendering the emergency specialized aid conducts all kinds of operations at traumas and wounds of vessels. Scientific directions: development of treatment and diagnostics thrombus diseases, introduction new methods of operations.

Department of neurology: Supervisor - head of neurology, senior lecturer Haibulin Talgat Nurmukhanovich, head of branch, doctor the neuropathologist of higher qualifying category Shumayev Rishat Akhmedkarimovich. Department of neurology render aid the patients with osteochondroses, consequences of craniocereberal trauma, hereditable diseases. There is conducted the scientific work on treatment of myasthenic, multiple sclerosis, convulsive syndromes of consequences of brain traumas, epilepsy and cerebral arachnoiditis.

Department of children's age neurology: Supervisor, senior lecturer Haibulin Talgat Nurmukhanovich, head of the department, doctor-neuropathologist of high category Ulmisekova Gulmira Bazarbayevna. In the department there is rehabilitation treatment of children with perinatal pathology of the central nervous system, children's cerebral paralysis, epilepsy, convulsive syndromes of various aetiology, consequences of traumas and infections of the central nervous system.

Department of oral surgery: Supervisor, Sadvokasova Lyazzat Mendybayevna, head of surgical stomatology branch. Head of the department is stomatologist of the first category Bolenbayev Azat Korganbayev. In the department there is round-the-clock rendering assistance the patients with inflammatory diseases and traumas of oral area. Conducting of operations according to plan at all congenital defects, progeniuses, tumours and tumor-like pathological processes, plastic operations at cicatricial and ulcer processes, defects of face.

Department of otolaryngology: Supervisor, head of ENT-diseases branch, candidate of medical sciences Zhakiyanova Zhannat Orazmukhametovna, head of the department - doctor otolaryngologist of high category Daumbayev Kairbek Nurdildinovich. In the department there is round-the-clock aid to the patients with pathology and traumas of ENT organs. Conducting of complex reconstructive plastic operations.

Department of children's otolaryngology: doctor of second category Zharylgapova Nurzhan Surautayevna. In the department there is round-the-clock aid to children till 15 years, conducting of operations of reconstructive and plastic character.

Department of general surgery: Supervisor-professor, doctor of medical sciences Rakhmetov Nurlan Rakhmetovich, head of the department Chinybayev Abilbek Igasymovich - doctor of high category. In the department there is emergency and scheduled surgical aid, modern invasive technologies are also widely introduced. The basic scientific direction of researches and introductions are organ and reconstructive operations at stomach ulcer and duodenal gut, and also liver and bile-excreting ways.

Department of children surgery: Supervisor - doctor of medical sciences, professor Dyusenbayev Azat Anuarbekovich. Head of the department Aubakirov Marat Tokanovich - candidate of medical sciences. The department renders round-the-clock aid to children up to 15-years age. Conducting of scheduled order kinds of congenital defects of gastroenteric path, lungs, urinary tracts, traumas of all localizations. Priority direction of scientific development is diagnostics, methods of treatment of heavy forms of peritonitises and craniocereberal traumas.

Department of neurosurgery: Superviser-senior lecturer Haibulin Talgat Nurmukhanovich, head of the department Chaiko Vladimir Ivanovich - doctor neurosurgeon of high category. Conducting of operations on osteochondroses of backbone, tumours back and brain, neurosurgery of children's age. Priority direction of scientific development and introductions is perfection of approaches of diagnostics, rehabilitation of patients with craniocereberal trauma.

Department of hematology: Supervisor - doctor of medical sciences, professor Dzhaksylykova Kulyash Kalikhanovna, head of the department Kikimbayeva Raushan Kusainovna - doctor-pediatrist of high category. In the department there is treatment of hematologic, endocrinological, toxicological, pulmonological, general theoretic children up to 15-years age. Methods of treatment leukemic patients under program BFM are introduced. Priority direction of scientific researches is development, treatment and rehabilitation of patients sharp leucosis.

Department of newborns pathology: Supervisor - senior lecturer Balkobekova Damesh Moldakhanovna, head of the department Laliyev Sagyntai Khairulovich - doctor of high category, neonatologist. The department is equipped by modern equipment for rendering assistance to newborn children.

Department of reanimation and intensive therapy: There are two independent divisions. The supervisor is doctor of medical sciences, professor Tuleutayev Tuleutai Baisarinovich, head of the department for adults Rakhimzhanov Nurlan Muratovich - doctor of high category, children's division head Salambayev Ryspek Charipkhanovich - doctor of high category. Both divisions are well equipped by modern equipment for carrying out of reanimation measures and tracking for vital functions of organism, standards of work of medical sisters on the American technology. Direction of scientific researches is development of methods of treatment of heavy forms of peritonitises, concomitant insufficiency, heavy craniocereberal traumas, out-patient anesthesia.

Department of endoscopy: candidate of medical sciences, head of the department - Nuralinov Kabdyslyam Karibzhanovich. In the department there is inspection and therapeutic treatment of patients with pathology of gastroenteric path.

Department of hyperbaric oxygenation: doctor of high category Baelyev Sergey Zhunuspayevich head of the department. Treatment of patients with pathology of cardiovascular system, poisonings, anaerobic infections, system diseases of connecting fabric, diseases of nervous system, infringements of exchange processes is conducted.

Department of physiotherapy and physiotherapy exercises: Head of the department, doctor of high category Adisheva Marzhan Sagatbekovna. In the department methods of rehabilitation by means of modern devices are conducted.

Medical Centre SE “Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy”
Medical Centre SE “Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy”


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