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  Code of honour of public officers of the Republic of Kazakhstan

From performance of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev at anticorruption forum NDP “Nur Otan”

1. They should be able to use their authority and powers and to be fair.
2. On public service they should work for the good of the state, but not for own prosperity, not to mixed up public funds with own pocket.
3. Officials should live, not being afraid of question «What do you exist on?», as there should not be bases for occurrence of pictures of their country houses, high fences around them and expensive foreign-made cars.
4. It is important to live in full consent with requirements of laws.
5. On any post, on any occupation they should work the way not to lose trust of people, citizens of the country at any circumstances.
6. Kazakhstan officials should be an example of justice, modesty, behave good among people.
7. They should learn to be subordinated, be able to carry out what they demand from their employees before to supervise over collective.
8. It is necessary to interfere, take immediately measures if you see that the damage is caused to interests of the state or a corruption offence is prepared.

Control in sphere of public service

The Administration within the limits of the competence realizes the uniform state policy in the sphere of public service.
One of a direction of activity of Administration is to control of observance of the legislation in the public service, the anticorruption legislation and the Code of Honour of Officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
For 12 months 2012 Administration held 157 checks, from them: 131 - scheduled, 23 – according to references of citizens and officials, 2 - according to the reference of the legal person, under instructions -1.
During checks it is revealed 201 violations of the legislation in the sphere of public service, including:
Rules of holding of contests for filling vacant administrative state post - 36;
Rules of imposing of disciplinary penalties on administrative officials - 19;
Rules of carrying out of certification of administrative officials - 79;
Regulations about the record of public service - 1;
Regulations about the personnel reserve - 7;
Other requirements of the legislation on public service - 59.
According to results of checks, 34 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility, including: 25 remarks were made, 7 reprimands and 2 severe reprimands were declared.

Public service staffing

Monitoring of strength and qualitative composition of officials of East Kazakhstan region:
As of January 1, 2013 the strength of officials of the region makes up 7796 people, including political - 292, the actual personnel - 7407, including political - 289.
The regular strength of officials among local executive and representative agencies of East Kazakhstan region makes up 3634 people, including political state officials - 291 people, the actual personnel - 3473, including political state officials - 288.
The number of women in public service.
Women among officials of East Kazakhstan region make up 2004 people that makes up 57,7 %.
Officials’ age.
Middle age of officials of the region makes up 41,9 years.
The share of officials till 29 years makes up 645 (18,6 %) people,
From 30 till 39 years - 876 (25,2 %),
From 40 till 49 years - 829 (23,9 %),
50 years and more - 1123 (32,3 %).
Officials’ education.
2948 state officials have higher education that makes up 85 %, they are basically experts with economic, pedagogical and technical education.
484 people (13,9 %) are the state officials who have more than one higher education.
Nine graduates of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, two state officials - graduates of Bolashak Program work in local executive agencies of the region.
Contests for filling vacant administrative posts.
In 2012 contests for 753 vacancies were declared and completed, including on group of “W” category - 367 vacancies, on group of “D” category - 52, on group of “Е” category - 334 vacancies were declared.
2782 persons, including 1421 women (51 %) participated in the contests.
As a whole on the region 4 persons competed on one place.
According to results of the contests, 571 candidates, including 286 women (50 %) are recognized to be winners.
The personnel reserve of public service.
As of January 1, 2012 - 189 reservists were registered in the personnel reserve.
In 2012 - 461 people were enlisted in the personnel reserve, including 434 persons according to the solution of the competitive commission, according to the solution of the certifying commission - 27.
For this period 314 people were excluded from the personnel reserve in connection with employment, including 185 women that makes up 58,9 % from common number.
102 people were eliminated in connection with expiry of the term of stay in the personnel reserve.
As of December 31, 2012 - 234 persons are registered in the personnel reserve.
Coordination of officials’ transfer.
In 2012, 1549 officials were coordinated to be transferred without contests.
It is coordinated to transfer into higher posts of 591 officials, into equivalent posts - 762 officials and into subordinate posts - 196 officials.
78 officials have not gotten the coordination, from them 31 people mismatched the qualifying requirements; documents mismatched requirements of the legislation -47.

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