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 East Kazakhstan Regional Child-Youth Library

Year of formation is 1959.

Directions of activity:

- Granting library services to young generation
- Carrying out of monitoring with the purpose of studying of interests and needs of readers;
- Search of new approaches to information supply of readers, comfortable service;
- Expansion of fields of services activity of psychological and sociological support of children and youths;
- Children familiarizing and youths to world culture values through studying of languages and poly-cultural education;
- Expansion and strengthening of contacts with regional libraries and the Republic with the purpose of experience exchange.

Basic parameters:
Fund of library - 129285 books
Electronic catalogue - quantity of records: 16603, including 3698 in Kazakh language
Quantity of names of periodicals in a year - 391, including 110 in Kazakh language, 7 - in other languages.
Quantity of readers - 18952.
General book output - 433825 books a year.
Number of visitings - 160337.
Average of users in day - 718 persons.


2001 - moving to building with the greater area on Space street, 6/2
2001 - opening of section of national literature and study of local lore
2002 - creation of psychological and sociological support services
2002 - opening cultural-entertainment section
2003 - got the status of "Child-youth library”
2003 - opening of sections developments of library, foreign literature
2003 - opening of information technologies hall
2003 - connection to Internet
2004 - increase in computer park
2004 - creation of library site "Biblioguide"

About the head:
Karchalova Kulzada KaratayevnaKarchalova Kulzada Karatayevna
Karchalova K.K. was born 02.12.1956 in Samara settlement of Samara district, EKR.
Graduated Semipalatinsk Library Technical College (1978), philological faculty of EKSU (1998). Work experience – more than 25 years. Since 1995 has worked as director of regional children's A.P. Gaydar library.
Member of republican Association of library workers.
Karchalova K.K. is an active participant of republican forums of library workers: participated in business meetings, seminars of directors of children's and youthful libraries in Almaty city (1995, 1996, 1997).
Delegate of the 1st congress of library workers RК in Almaty city (1998). A delegate of II Forum of women of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana city (1998) where read the report in a section «Innovations in education and culture». In 2000 participated in a republican seminar-training «Formation and use of information-library resources in the libraries serving children and youth», where a regional children's library after A.P. Gaydar won Grand prix in competition “ Miss Bibliography-2000”.
Annually actively participates and conducts section work in the republican conferences of library workers: 2001 – Moscow, Karaganda, 2002 - Uralsk, 2003 - Pavlodar, 2004 – Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Has awards:
- Diploma of honour of culture Committee of the Ministry of Education, culture and public health services of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 16.10.1998
- Grateful letter of the head of regional culture, sports and tourism administration from 30.12.1999
- Letter of VKO Akim from 2001
- Gratitude of the President RК N.A. Nazarbayev owing to 10 anniversary of Independence of RК from 2001
- Gratitude letter from the regional organization of Trade union of art workers from 2001
- In a year of culture support got the Letter of culture administration of VKO
- In 2001 Karchalova K.K. awarded with a sign «Kazakhstan Respublikasi madeniyetin kairatkeri».

Owing to energy, initiative and professionalism of Karchalova K.K. regional children's library after A.P. Gaydar got the status of regional child-youth library.

Married. Has the adult daughter.
Hobbies: reading of the art historical literature, listening to music, fishing.

Official duties:
Carries out of management of library activity according to the current legislation. Defines the structure of library management. Disposes of property and means of library, provides the account, safety and updating of book fund, observance of operating mode of the organization. Organization of development and statement of perspective and annual plans of work. Establishes and supports business contacts with other libraries. Provides normal working conditions to workers, supervises observance by them industrial and labour discipline, rules on labour safety, safety precautions and fire-prevention protection. Carries out of selection and placement of personnel, creates conditions for increase of their professional level. Encourages and stimulates of creative initiative of workers. Represents library in state, public, scientific and other organizations, provides preparation and representation of the necessary reporting.

Reception hours: on Thursday - from 14-00 p.m. – 16-00 p.m.
Contact tel.: 8 (7232) 473-902 , fax: 8 (7232) 226-336


East Kazakhstan Regional Special Library for Blind and Visually Impaired Citizens

The East Kazakhstan regional special library for blind and visually impaired citizens was opened in 1969 on the basis of the book fund which is available on balance of Regional board of the Kazakh society blind (KOS).

The library suggests free of charge serve invalids on sight, living on the territory of the region, members of their families, persons carrying on indemnification of blindness and visually impaired, invalids of other categories, inhabitants, teachers and students of schools of adjoining micro-district.

Purpose of work is provision of equal and free approach to the information by blind users on the same level as citizens.
Our objects:
- Granting to blind users of maximal opportunities for information reception on carriers accessible to them;
- Assistance of their social rehabilitation and integration in the society.

Library fund - 64119 books
Relief-dot literature (RTS) - 14300
flat-bed (PPS) - 31592
Quantity of readers - 1655
Quantity of visitings - 24760
Quantity of book output - 63800
Library workers – 11

Comfortable services of invalids on sight and organization of their leisure are created in library. It is used as stationary (subscription, reading room, record library), as well as out stationary forms of library service: library items (11), home subscription, loud reading societies. In reading room librarian-reader works. In record library there is the item of hire typhlo-cassette recorders.
«Brailist» circle is popular among blind readers (for readers of books PTS) and fans of poetry. Within the circle «Brailist» blinds are trained to read and write using Brail system, to ply bayan and dombra, computer literacy.

About the head

Nogasbayeva Gulmira Kairgazinovna was born in 1960 in Targyn village of Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region.
In 1983 graduated the Ust-Kamenogorsk pedagogical institute, philological faculty (by profession - teacher of Russian and literature in national school). After graduation of the institute worked in high school after 40th anniversary of Kaz USR in Tayanty village of Ulan district.
In 1985 worked in school after the hero of Soviet Union I. Aitykov in Targyn village of Ulan district.  
From 1990 till 1997 worked as a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in college of culture in Ust-Kamenogorsk city.
Since 1998 has worked in the East Kazakhstan regional special library for blind and visually impaired citizens.
In February, 1999 was appointed director of library.
Brings up daughter. Likes to read, knit.

Reception hours: on Thursday from 15.00 p.m. - 17.00 p.m.
Tel.: 8 (7232) 24-54-24

Director organizes the work of library, provides administrative management of activity of structural library divisions.
Approves plans of work and reports of structural divisions of library, approves positions about departments and other materials regulating the activity of library. Controls and coordinates the activity of library divisions. Promotes introduction of progressive forms of library work.



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